about us

GuSecureNetworkardian Technologies has been providing focused and innovative solutions to customers for over 3 years, specialising in the protection and security of information. Initially offering Data Loss Prevention software, this has now expanded to include identity and access management, information rights management, and change management.

Guardian Technologies focuses on providing security solutions that are essential for small and medium businesses. There are so many products in the market that it is daunting for the smaller business to understand what is really needed to protect their data. Guardian, by carefully selecting and evaluating products to specifically meet the threats, has helped many different types of businesses to track and control access, protect confidential data and ensure that audits are completed easily and successfully.

Guardian provide pre-sales security consulting, tailored product implementations and complete managed security services as required.

We combine deep international experience and expertise, understanding of differing industry requirements and a complete service to ensure that our customers are fully protected at the right cost.

All we ask is that you put us to the test.G4S